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To George Zivich for reporting the license data bug, the license data use the current time when generate, it not appropriate for the overseas users with the different time zone.

To Jain Nidhi for reporting the XYChart bugs.

To Brad Hawthorne for reporting the following bugs:

  1. “Mis-entered formulas cause exception”.
  2. Contribute for the fix for bug “Print/Preview skips vertical grid lines” .
  3. “Divide by zero on paste”.
  4. Cells with capital 'W' at start of text do not align properly.
  5. Java 5 printing compatibility in JPrintPreview component.

To Dong Li for reporting the following bugs:

  1. “function name should be case insensitive”.
  2. “NPE when invoke CellFormula.readObject” .
  3. “if the function is not exists, should return "#NAME?"”.
  4. the formula cannot save and restore correctly.

To Lucian CIOROGA for reporting the bug “error formula cannot be imported”.

To Delnei Nunes Friedrich for reporting the bug “The functions are not accepting more than two arguments”.

To Kevin Jackson for request the new feature in DefaultColumnSorter “there is no easy way to determine which columns are currently being sorted and in what order” and reporting the following bugs:

  1. if the cell contains a link, the link works but the row selection does not change.
  2. please make the cell link’s tool tip text default to the TITLE if present.
  3. The memory overhead in the method In DefaultDataGridModel.doCellChanged().
  4. Request the new feature “make the method doHyperlink in JDataGrid protected”.

To Jerome Girardini for reporting the following bugs:

  1. “The editing cell is shifted all over the fixed part of the grid”.
  2. “selection border (setSelectionBorder(true)) is not drawn correctly when the cell is in edition.”
  3. The method JDataGrid. isCellEditable(int,int) have not invoke the “TableModel.. isCellEditable(int,int)” to
       determine the cell’s editable property.
  4. When the commit of a cell fails then if the user click elsewhere in the datagrid, the current cell editor is
       displayed in the cell where the user last clicked.
  5. On a JDatagrid with a frozen row or column, autoScroll doesn't scroll enough to show a selected
       cell that is located below the fixed part of the datagrid.
  6. Contribute the fix the bug “the autoscrolling is targeting the wrong cell in JDataGrid freeze state”.
  7. The JDataGrid component shows a tooltip as soon as the text is partially hidden.
  8. When the commit of a cell fails (e.g a parse error in a BigIntegerEditor), after that it is impossible
       to ever commit the cell again.

To Kevin Kalmbach for reporting the following bugs:

  1. “Copy and parse in JDataGrid cannot work correctly”.
  2. This row then seems to get double selected in JDataGrid.
  3. Without the row and column index conversion in JDataGrid. isCellEditable(int,int) method.
  4. Contribute and fix the bug “scroll jumping back in JDataGrid freeze enabled state”.
  5. Request new feature “edit the existing Cell Manager to add in the classes I want, recompile it and
       replace the one in the existing jar.”.

To Vivien Honor for reporting the following bugs:

  1. “NPE when I call the DefaultDataGridModel.setCellAttributes() method”.
  2. DefaultDataGridModel ‘s method setColumnName() cannot work correctly.
  3. call the addRow() method on my ColumnSorterModel, I encounter this exception :

To Savio Amodio for reporting the following bugs:

  1. JDataGrid should remove the old column view from the JScrollPane.

To Maddipatla, Jaganmohan for reporting the following bugs:

  1. The row selection cannot be synchronization when use JTable as the JDataGrid’s row header.

To Malcolm Davis for reporting the following bugs:

  1. ModelIO read html file to JDataGrid cannot import the “TH” tag.
  2. The date is being displayed as yyyy-mm-ddT00:00:00 rather than mm/dd/yyyy in DateCellRenderer.
  3. The words prior to & are not displayed when import xml file to JDataGrid.

To Laxman Hudedamani for reporting the bug “The mousover \ full name is not working for plain text even with the 'toolTip' parameter in ObjectCellRenderer”.

To Scott Reed for reporting the bug “there should be one copy of the URLs unless the user wants to use a different UI in JCalendar component.”.

To Ken Moyer for reporting the following bugs:

  1. JDataGrid read xml file It appears that when XML file is loaded, the formulas are not processed
       (BLANK CELLS)”.
  2. It appears that, eventhough the XML file has the data flagged as "Number", the JDataGrid thinks
       these are strings and will not read the values for formulas.

To Fabio Gallina for reporting the bugs “get java.lang.NoSuchMethodError in JPrintPreview”.

To Gerald Holmann for reporting the bugs “the JCalendar component gets smaller and smaller in ComboBox popup”.

To Eyal Katz for reporting the bugs “The buttons order is not mirrored when RTL orientation is on in BoxLayout2”.

To sena for reporting the bugs “JDirChooser cannot select the correct file when toggle allow multiple selection state.”.

To Ralf Horstmoeller for reporting the bugs “XTree component to toggle the state you've always to click twice, first time to select and second time to toggle...”

To Alessandro Pironi for reporting the following bugs:

  1. “When i click on a cell to edit, i can edit the value of the cell, but when i go to another cell the value is not
       saved in the model.”
  2. Two JDataGrid  in different frame will receive the same key event.

To Yajaira Barragan for reporting the bug “when I delete a row and later I want to modify the previous cell of the deleted row the program down.”.

To Surendra Gade for reporting the bug “java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Toolkit.getLockingKeyState in Mac OS platform”.

To Long Lo for request the following features and reporting the following bugs:

  1. Select a range of cells.... Right click.... Selection reverts to single cell selection.  How can you use context
       menu functionality on a block selection if selection disappears?
  2. Select a cell, "Control-C" to copy a cell.  Then select a new cell and "Control-v" to paste.  Value pasted is
       not from the value just copied but rather from recent system clipboard.
  3. When typing in a formula, are we able to type "=" then use the mouse to select the target cell(s) like
       in Excel?
  4. Select-All should not change current view.  Should keep current selected cell in focus and not the last cell
       in the grid.
  5. Menu uses "Control" sequence while ButtonBar uses "Alt"?  Can it be standardized to "Control"?
  6. Sort should sort respective columns also like Excel.  Example... first name and last name.  When sort
       by last name, one would expect the first name to be sorted along with last name.
  7. Fill down functionality?

To Qingfeng DUAN for request the following new features and reporting the following bugs:

  1. Adds "close" method in ResultSetTableModel to close the connection. (New Feature)
  2. The ResultSetTableModel cannot init correctly with ResultSet. (Bug Fixed)

To kexian xie for reporting the bug “the printing in JDataGridBean cannot work”.

To John Mark Gardner for request the new features “XML import and export in JDataGrid”.

To Mickael Signoret for reporting the bug “put the JDataGrid into JScrollPane column header view cannot display”.

To Sascha Buchner for request the new feature “enable drag and drop for the JListView component” and reporting the bugs “JListView component does not refresh correctly in JSplitPane and when the frame is maximized”.

To Keith Davey for reporting the bug “occur NPE for the insert row for the resultSetDataModel”.

To leo Asinovsky for reporting the bug “It seems to be working inconsistently when invoke JWizardPane. removeAllPage() method”.

To Klaus D. Witzel for reporting the bug “ClassNotFoundException After entering =MINVERSE(A1:D4) in cell D5”.

To Graeme Eaves for reporting the following bugs:

  1. “Pasting into uneditable cells”.
  2. when instantiating a JDataGrid with the empty constructor and then subsequently setting the model
       using setModel(), resizing columns causes them to disappear from the UI.
  3. JDataGrid incorrectly reports the selections.

To all the users for trying and using our product JComponentPack.

To all our customers for licensing our product JComponentPack.

We’d like to thank the many people who send feedback to us.

To The Third Party Libraries:

Apache POI - Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files

iText is a library that allows you to generate PDF files on the fly.


Java Excel API - A Java API to read, write, and modify Excel spreadsheets