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JListView - Java Listview Component

JListView provides a Java listview component to display more objects from a list, support 5 different view modes: small icon, large icon, list, details, thumbnail.

Create JListView

Code Samples:
// create JListView
JListView listView = new JListView(createTableModel());
// add a action listener
// configure the cell renderer and editor
listView.setCellRenderer(new FileCellRenderer());
listView.setCellEditor(new FileCellEditor());

View Mode

The JListView support 5 different view mode: small icon, large icon, list, details, thumbnail.

Code Samples:
// switch JListView to use thumbnail view mode
// switch JListView to use large icon view mode

Support sorting

In order to support sorting, the TableModel used by JListView should implement ColumnSorter interface.

Support Action

When double click or the "ENTER" key on the keyboard has been pressed, the JListView component will generate an action event.

Code Samples:
// add the action listener
listView.addActionListener(new MyActionListener());

Background Image

The JListView comonent supports background image.

Code Samples:
// set the background image
Image img = new ImageIcon(file.toURL()).getImage();
listView.putClientProperty("JListView.backgroundImage", img);

Drag and Drop

The JListView component support the feature drag and drop directly.

Code Samples:
// enable the default drag and drop
// customize the drag and drop behavior by self
listView.setTransferHandler(new MyTransferHandler());

Size Column to Fit

The JListView component support the feature size the column width to fit it's contents, the JListView component will size the element column to fit it's contents by default.

Code Samples:
// set the second column to fit it's contents

Customize Cell Renderer and Editor

You can customize the JListView's cell renderer and editor for your requirements.

Code Samples:
// set my cell renderer
listView.setCellRenderer(new MyCellRenderer());
// set my cell editor
listView.setCellEditor(new MyCellEditor());

File Explorer

The JListView component provides a default file component factory, it includes a FileTableMode to support view directory like Explorer, a default cell renderer and cell editor to display the file's large icon, small icon, thumbnails, a default file TransferHandler to support drag and drop the file object.

Code Samples:
// view the file directory like explorer
listView.setListData(new FileTableModel(f, false, listView));

View Zip or Jar file (New Features since JComponentPack 1.5)

The JListView component provides a default zip file component factory, it includes a ZipFileTableMode to support view the zip file contents.

Code Samples:
// view a zip file
ZipFile zipFile = new ZipFile(f);
ZipFileTableModel model = new ZipFileTableModel(zipFile, listView);

Row Selection Mode

The JListView component support row selection mode in details mode, the following code will enable the row selection mode:

Code Samples:
// enable the row selection mode
listView.putClientProperty("JListView.rowSelectionAllowed", Boolean.TRUE);

Show Horizontal Lines and Vertical Lines

In JListView component, you can show the horizontal lines and vertical lines in details mode.

Code Samples:
// Show Horizontal Lines
listView.putClientProperty("JListView.showHorizontalLines", Boolean.TRUE);
// Show Vertical Lines
listView.putClientProperty("JListView.showVerticalLines", Boolean.TRUE);

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