JComponentPack 3.6 Released!

New Features:

  1. The JMediaPlayer control is a MPlayer front end, support full screen, can be embedded into the Swing panel, can play almost all popular audio and video formats, relative to other players, resources occupy very small, do not need any system decoder can play a variety of media format.
  2. Adds an elegant JTreeTable control, You can directly put your JTree on the JTreeTable control, and then add an adapter to provide data on the line, use a common JTree does not display the Checkbox, using our XTree control can display Checkbox!
  3. JDataGrid control added many new features:
    • Import and export the styled text from the Excel file, From the cell properties dialog box to set the font color and other attributes, can also be a separate set the cell characters in superscript, subscript, font, color and other attributes, these attributes of the text can be saved in the Excel file .
    • Cell text support setting the superscript and subscript, can display H2O, m3, M2 etc. these chemical symbols and cubic meters, per square metre unit.
    • Improving Large data support: In order to improve the support of a large amount of data, the new version has done a lot of adjustments, in order to maintain compatibility, the default is not open this function, use please call below the code before the instantiation of JDataGridBean :

      The original code of DefaultDataGridModel model = (DefaultDataGridModel) (dataGrid.getModel); can be normal use, but the proposal to change the AbstractDataGridModel: AbstractDataGridModel is a DefaultDataGridModel and LargeDataGridModel common parent class, all of the methods are moved to the AbstractDataGridModel, DefaultDataGridModel and LargeDataGridModel are two specific implementation, there is no certain method.
    • Line wrap in cell, the cell supports wordwrapping.
    • Boolean cell with display text, cells of type Boolean text can be displayed by setting properties.

Evaluation Version Download: componentpack-3.6-eval.zip

JavaDoc API Download: componentpack-3.6-api.zip

Demo Source Code Download: componentpack-3.6-demosrc.zip