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How to use DataGridModelAdapter?

DataGridModelAdapter is a adapter,could convert any TableModel to DataGridModel, and used in JDataGrid,JDataGrid could use the TableModel directly,but if use the DataGridModelAdapter wrap your TableModel,your TableModel could set cell style, merge and split cell, your TableModel need not any changes.

Code Sample:

JDataGrid is a Java Excel swing component in JComponentPack product suite, it’s a flexible Java spreadsheet, it’s widely used in banking, securities, taxation, e-government system.

The JComponentPack v3.5 has been Released!

JComponentPack v3.5 is out.

The version include many new features and bugs fixed since v3.4.

For more information, you could visit our website at:

Our products JComponentPack are widely used in banking, securities, taxation, e-government system. Well-known customers include IBM, SONY, State Grid, China Post, etc.

After widely used in large company, we have added many new features and bug fixed since v3.4, we also play to add many new features in future version.

Release Notes:

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