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jzip v1.1

jzip v1.1

jzip is a multiple thread zip tool, compress files into part by thread count.

Before run this tool, setup environment variable named JZIP_HOME,point to this tool:

set JZIP_HOME=E:\jzip-1.1\

Then run:

jzip -n3 databases
jzip databases


-n thread count, for example: -n4 means 4 thread
-b input buffer size, for example: -b32768 means input buffer is 32k
-o output buffer size, for example: -o32768 means output buffer is 32k
-d date pattern, for example: -dyyyyMMddHHmmss means append date with hours, minutes, seconds

jzip -b32768 -o32768 -dyyyyMMddHHmmss -n4 databases

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