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How to disable the splash screen in JDataGridBean?

May 6,2008

1. Understand the JBean's splash API.

JBean provide the following API related the splash screen:

This methods will show the splash screen when it’s not open, and hide the screen window when it’s visible.

JBean. isShowSplashOnStartup();
JBean. setShowSplashOnStartup(Boolean);
These two API provides a property to control whether show the splash screen window when the JBean application startup, the method “doSplash” methods check this property to decide whether show the splash window.

2. Understand the relationship between JDataGridBean and JBean.

The JDataGridBean is completed application that demonstrate the feature of the JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition Product, it extends the JBean class, and invoke the doSplash method in it’s constructor.

3. Generate methods to disable the splash window when use the JDataGridBean.

1) Override the method JBean.doSplash and do nothing.
2) Override the method JBean. isShowSplashOnStartup(); and return false.

4. New system property to disable the splash window when use the JDataGridBean.

The JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition 2.5.0 provides a new system property to disable the splash window at the startup:


You can put the following code before invoke the “new JDataGridBean()”methods:

System.setProperty(JDataGridBean.class.getName() + ".hideSplash", "true");

This is a new feature in JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition 2.5.0.

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