JComponentPack 3.6 APIs
Powerful Java Swing APIs & controls
Helping customers on the worldwide area includes fortune 500 corporations and developers work with cross platform Java components in their rich internet applications.

JDataGrid - 100% Pure Java Spreadsheet Component, Java Excel Control

  • Row Header
  • Freeze Pane
  • Work Sheet
  • Excel Formula
  • Cell Attributes
  • Import and Export
  • Merge Cell and Split Cell
  • Column and Cell Sorting
  • Fill Data
  • Comment and Hyperlink
  • Print and Print Preview

JMediaPlayer - Java Media Player

The JMediaPlayer control is a MPlayer front end, support full screen, can be embedded into the Swing panel, audio and video formats can play almost all popular, relative to other players, resources occupy very small, do not need any system decoder can play a variety of media format.